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Let’s face it – A lot of people love everything Mexican. Whether it is colourful maracas or Mariachi bands, all things having a Mexican flavour add up to fun. Who in the world doesn’t love the multicoloured Mexican blankets & one of the most tantalizing Mexican foods called Taco? Now who would be able to think of a better idea than dressing up as a taco this Halloween? You would not only enjoy yourself a lot but would also keep other people laughing when you dress yourself up as a taco.

Welcome to TacoCostume.Com, where spicy taco costumes are all the rage.  If tacos just happen to be your “thing” then this is the right spot for you.  At TacoCostume.Com, we want to cater to those taco lovers out there who just can’t get enough of their favorite food so they have decided to actually become the taco for a Halloween party, trick-or-treat, or other event. (Or maybe you are opening a Mexican restaurant and plan to use this guy as your mascot to get folks in the door).  Whatever your need for a taco costume, we understand because we love tacos, too – hard or soft, spicy or mild, we love them all!

Interestingly, taco means “sandwich” and the Meso-American peoples who lived in what is now Mexico have been cultivating corn to make tortillas (and eventually tacos, filled with fish) for three thousand years B.C.  The taco has had a long time to develop a big following, but it actually wasn’t until the 1960s that tacos became a popular food in the U.S.  Now, it is so wildly popular that some Americans say that their favorite dishes are now Mexican, including tacos!

Most taco costumes feature a large body suit that is shaped like a flour tortilla and that is “filled” with taco stuffing like cheese, meat and lettuce.  You can always add a pair of legging or leg warmers to the costume in a complimentary color to complete the look, and wear a matching long sleeve shirt beneath it.  Many people choose to top off their taco costumes with a sombrero hat.

If you want to get your pet in on the taco costume craze, then you can find pet costumes the turn your pooch into a walking taco.  This taco costume is cute on any dog, but particularly cute for the Chihuahua!

When it comes to Taco Halloween costume, you have a wide variety to choose from. The best part is that it wouldn’t break your bank to buy this costume.

This Mexican Taco costume is designed and cut in a way that it fits exceptionally well and is very comfortable to wear. The fabrics that are used to make this costume are very high quality too and can last you for several seasons.

The above mentioned are but a few reasons why you should consider dressing yourself up in a Taco costume this Halloween season. You would not only feel spicy enough yourself with Mexican hot chili peppers on your sizzling Taco suit, but you would also make other people’s mouth water . Taco costumes for adult are usually available in one standard size which fits all. The dress includes a poly foam taco suit that gives the appearance of a hard shell Taco. The costume is complete with a topping of lettuce, cheese and sauce. There are holes in the suit for arms and head and the bottom is left open for easy movement.

You shouldn’t miss out on a little Mexican flair this Halloween by opting for this wonderful and fun looking costume.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Staying Cool in Your Taco Costume Wearing a taco costume can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very hot inside some of these costumes – and you don’t want to ‘melt’! Some actually have a built-in fan that works to help your body stay cool, although these are a little bit on the pricey side. You can reduce the temperature a few degrees inside your taco costume by wearing loose, airy clothing that is thin and breathable. Also, if you have long hair, wearing it “up” in a pony tail or bun can help you to stay cool. Wear the least amount of clothing possible, unless of course, it is cold where you will be wearing your taco costume – and then you’ll be looking for the opposite advice!

Measuring for Your Costume

Nothing can make you feel like running for the border faster than a poorly fitting taco costume. Taco costumes can be a lot of fun, and they can also be hilarious to look at and wear, but if your costume is too small or too big, you will not have as much fun as you would if your costume is well-fitting. Having fun and staying comfortable basically go hand in hand. Measure for your costume by measuring your waist, hips and chest, as well as your torso. Compare these measurements with the measurements in the taco costume size chart to find your perfect fit.

If you love all things Mexican and consider yourself a foodie, then how about going out in a Taco costume? This is the one food that is so representative of Mexico. And of course, considering that the taco can be tweaked to suit tastes, you can step out in one that is just right, spicy or downright siren blowing hot. Since it is a sandwich of sorts, you can expect the costume to be a body suit, with your torso being the filling of course. Choose from a range of fillings like cheese, and meats. And if it is cold outside, then team it up with some warm leggings to represent the sauce.

Taco Costumes

Are you looking for some funny costume ideas for this Halloween? Would you like to make people laugh this Halloween? Why not dress yourself as a food item this Halloween? If the idea appeals to you, then there can be no better idea to have a spicy hot time than to dress yourself up in a Taco costume. Taco costumes are unique, fun and are guaranteed to give you a fiesta good time!

A taco costume is a sure-shot way of having a memorable and funny look this Halloween season. As far as the cost of these costumes is concerned, taco costumes are a very good bargain.  There is just no way that anyone will be able to resist laughing and smiling at this funny and lovable taco costume.  Just imagine the excitement you would be creating when you go to the Halloween party in a taco shaped suit that has toppings of lettuce, cheese and tomato on it.  However, watch for anyone pouring a spoonful of hot sauce on you and trying to have a bite.

Though there are many different variations of this costume available, there are two variations that are most popular. The first one includes taco shaped body that has simulated toppings of lettuce, tomato and cheese and also has a goofy headpiece and a cool handlebar moustache. To make this taco costume complete, you would also need to buy green tights as well as a long sleeved shirt.

The other Taco costume comes in the form of a tunic that includes all the ‘fixins”. There are shreds of cheese, tomato and lettuce wrapped in a tortilla – guaranteed to make all heads along with the mouths turned towards you.

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